“My first thought when hearing her enigmatic swooping vocals was of Jeff Buckley… The whole album has an enchanted feel; the songs are personal but not confessional, and the orchestration develops them perfectly. There’s unflinching clarity and also beauty in these songs of love and loss.“

Alison Bentley, London Jazz News, UK

"...(N)ous avons eu droit à cette matière riche, fruit d'une auteure-compositrice-interprète folkie, pianiste et guitariste dont la connaissance du travail harmonique propre au jazz, aussi aux musiques classique ou contemporaine, s'avère nettement supérieure à la moyenne chansonnière."

Alain Brunet, La Presse, Montreal, CA

“Mélodies extrêmement élaborées…musicalité, diction et goût remarquables chez Sienna Dahlen (délicieuse voix, typiquement“britannique”), à l’image de celle de Josefine Lindstrand chez Django Bates.

Éric Quenot, Jazz Magazine, Paris, FR

Current Projects:





Falconlove is a pop band based in Montreal.

The members of the group include François Jalbert-guitar, Éveline-Grégoire Rousseau-harp, Carl Mayotte-bass, Kyle Hutchins-drums, Sienna Dahlen-voice, piano, songwriter

Glass Trio

Glass Trio is a Montreal-based jazz ensemble consisting of Voice, Bass and Drums; an unconventional and compelling group rooted in the beauty of sparse transparency.


The members of the group include Sienna Dahlen, Jim Doxas and Adrian Vedady.


Ice Age Paradise


The Ice Age Paradise band is a group of musicians possessing broad and eclectic sonic palettes whose work together began four years ago. Bassist extraordinaire, Andrew Downing (creator of the arrangements for the ensemble) has been a long time collaborator and friend of Sienna’s and the string and horn players in this band include most of the members of Toronto’s popular Queer Songbook Orchestra. In addition to these ensembles, the musicians in this group lead active careers across Canada and on international stages primarily in the new music, classical and jazz scenes.  The rhythm section of the band features (in addition to Andrew Downing) Nick Fraser on drums and Thom Gill on guitar. Our guest background vocalist, Robin Dann, (from the group “Bernice”) is a wonderful musician whose vocal work is highly appreciated by many. Each of the players in this collective soul has something unique and incredible to bring to the music.  The Ice Age Paradise band is a must-hear experience.


                                                   Toronto Band                                                   

Sienna Dahlen- Voice, Piano, Ac. Guitar

Andrew Downing- Double Bass

Thom Gill- Electric Guitar

Nick Fraser- Drums

Rebecca Hennessy- Trumpet

Jennifer Burford- Violin

Lief Mosbaugh- Oboe, English Horn

Roslyn Black- French Horn

Evan Lamberton- Cello

Guest: Robin Dann- Background Vocals

Montreal Band

Sienna Dahlen- Voice, Piano, Ac. Guitar

Fraser Hollins- Doublebass

François Jalbert-Electric Guitar

Mark Nelson- Drums

David Carbonneau- Trumpet

Mélanie Bélair- Violin

Annie Gadbois- Cello

Maude Lussier- French Horn

Lindsay Roberts- Oboe/English Horn

Guest: Sarah Rossy- Background Vocals

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